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          1) What's tthe MOQ for customize bags?
          Generally, our MOQ is 10,000pcs, which depends on specific requirement.

          2)What's the material?
          We have different material for your choice ,and usually use PET/VMPET/PE.also have PET/PE, kraft paper/VMPET/PE, PET/LASER/PE.ETC.

          3) Do you accept customize design for bags? 
          Yes.we accept custom design.

          4)what format of the design ?
          we accept PDF,PSD,AI, and we don't accept the JPG ,because if jpg is final design ,then can not use it for printing ,and effect not good as other format .

          5)What's your sample policy?
          A. Free sample from our stock, just provide your Express arrival account or pay shipping cost.
          B. Make sample with your design, then need to pay cylinder charge and sample making cost.

          6) What payment terms you accept ?
          We accept the T/T,WESTERN UNION ,PAYPAL,etc .

          7) What kind of the plastic bags you can do ?
          We can do stand up pouch ,food packaging bags, kraft paper bags, aluminum foil bags, ziplock bags, pet food bags ,coffee bags ,vacuum bags ,retort pouch ,child exit bag, spout pouch ,etc 

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